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Final Report (Care Coordination Project)

COVID-19 Care Coordination Project 1: COVID 19 Testing
Lead Researcher: Sharon Gallagher, College of Health Science & Technology
Budget: $510,000

This project partnered with community agencies and a local laboratory to offer viral/antibody testing, promote testing, and recruit individuals for testing events.

COVID-19 Care Coordination Project 2: Developing the Capacity of Serological Testing
Lead Researcher: Eid Haddad, College of Health Science & Technology
Budget: $160,000

This project developed a nucleus of a future COVID-19 serological testing center equipped with and staffed to perform assays.

COVID 19 Care Coordination Project 3: Retinal Net Prototype – Pilot Study
Lead Researcher: Murat Adivar, College of Health Science & Technology
Budget:  $237,000

This project developed a prototype medical device artificially intelligent system to detect COVID-19 through both retinal iris eye imaging.

COVID-19 Care Coordination Project: COVID-19 Social Vulnerability Research
Lead Researcher: Pius Nyutu, College of Health, Science & Technology
Budget: $93,000

This project identified the most relevant drivers of social vulnerability for marginalized populations in Cumberland County to add to the knowledge surrounding the impact of COVID-19.

Learning Loss Grassroots Perspectives
Lead Researchers: Tanya Hudson, Chandrika Johnson
Budget: $150,000

This project will assess learning loss from the impacts of the lockdown focusing on students in the Sandhills region.