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Collaboratory Releases 2023 Annual Report

December 1, 2023

Since its authorization, the Collaboratory has stewarded approximately $225 million in appropriations from the legislature, investing in over 450 research projects that have the potential to develop innovative, evidence-based solutions that benefit our State.

Collaboratory Releases 2022 Annual Report

December 1, 2022

Originally focused on natural resources and environmental issues, the Collaboratory has since expanded to numerous other research areas in response to some of North Carolina’s most pressing challenges.

North Carolina Policy Collaboratory Report 2016-2017

August 10, 2017

In the 2016 State Budget, the North Carolina General Assembly established the North Carolina Policy Collaboratory (the “Collaboratory”) to utilize and disseminate the environmental research expertise of the University of North Carolina for practical use by state and local government.