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The North Carolina Collaboratory welcomes a new cohort of undergraduate and graduate students as part of the student staff for the 2022 fall semester. Eighteen undergraduate and five graduate students will provide support to the Collaboratory and assist with the dozens of ongoing projects in our research portfolio.

With a small professional staff, the student staff is critical to the work of the Collaboratory. Some examples of the work of Collaboratory students include conducting background research on policy topics, drafting legislative reports, developing policy briefs, assisting with research administration, and leading our communications efforts through the development of press releases, articles, and podcasts.

This semester the student staff will be assisting with a wide variety of Collaboratory research initiatives, such as:

  • COVID-19 studies related to economic, education, and public health issues across the state
  • ongoing water quality studies of Jordan and Falls Lakes
  • research related to PFAS and other emerging contaminants
  • engagement and research efforts to address the opioid crisis in NC

The Collaboratory is excited to see what these students accomplish!

Fall 2022 Undergraduate Intern Cohort
Fall 2022 Graduate Cohort
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