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By Taylor Fitzgerald

Greer ArthurThe NC Policy Collaboratory is excited to welcome Dr. Greer Arthur as the organization’s new Research Director. This position will play a significant leadership role in accomplishing the Collaboratory’s mission of utilizing university research to inform and assist state and local government decision-makers.

Dr. Arthur’s strong background in research, communication and project management has been crafted through diverse experiences within and outside academia. In 2016, after moving to the United States from the United Kingdom, she joined NC State University as a postdoctoral researcher specializing in molecular biology and respiratory medicine. During this time, she also worked as a science communicator for a number of NC State departments and institutes. In 2018, she became the program manager for the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine’s global health program, and later served as a research administrator and project manager in the college’s research office.

Outside NC State, Dr. Arthur is a board member for Science Communicators of North Carolina, and previously worked as a writer for the medical journal, The Lancet, in London. A British citizen, Dr. Arthur received her Ph.D. in immunology (2015) and B.S. in biomedical sciences (2011) from two institutions in the UK, the University of Leicester and Sheffield Hallam University.

Dr. Arthur joins the Collaboratory at an exciting time as the organization becomes a permanent entity being codified in statute in the 2021 state budget bill (Session Law 2021-180) and continues to rapidly expand its research efforts in responses to new and ongoing challenges across the state.

“The Collaboratory has found a unique way to transform the innovation and expertise of academia into a practical resource for North Carolina,” says Dr. Arthur. “This is a fantastic opportunity for me to help subject matter experts across the UNC system transform their knowledge into solutions for local policy issues.”

Utilizing her experience as a research administrator, project manager and basic science researcher, Dr. Arthur will serve as a vital resource for researchers who are funded by the Collaboratory. By providing oversight for the Collaboratory’s broad portfolio of research projects, she will help ensure the organization continues to grow and serve the state in the most effective way.

“I’ve deliberately pursued a somewhat unconventional path through academia to find new ways to support the innovative work of faculty, postdocs and students, who already juggle many responsibilities,” said Dr. Arthur. “In this way, I can help enhance the impact of academic research on real-world problems.”

One of Dr. Arthur’s key motivations for pursuing this position was the chance to participate in the Collaboratory’s multifaceted approach to problem-solving.

“The Collaboratory has an impressive history of tackling complex challenges from a truly multidisciplinary approach,” said Dr. Arthur. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to expand my work to a broader number of disciplines and institutions within North Carolina and play a role in solving local issues.”

Taylor Fitzgerald is a second-year graduate student completing a dual degree in Environment and Science Communication with a concentration in Strategic Communication.

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