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The Collaboratory student staff, from undergraduate interns to graduate research assistants, is critical to our work. The student staff drafts policy briefs, contributes to legislative reports, conducts policy research, assists with research in labs and develops content to share information about our research projects. During their time at Carolina, some of our students work with us for one semester, while others stay with us for multiple years.

This page is intended to recognize previous students who were part of the Collaboratory staff over the years.

  • Reiley Baker, M.A., Public Policy
  • Sierra Foster, Chemistry and Neuroscience
  • Emily Jordan, Chemistry
  • Orla Kilpatrick, Media Communications
  • Caylin Luebeck, M.A., Public Health
  • Sarah Padyk, M.A., Environment and Science Communication
  • Bailey Pons, Global Studies and Environmental Studies
  • Hannah Stroot, Economics and Public Policy
  • Zoe Tallmadge, Environmental Studies
  • Ally Adams, Political Science
  • Janis Arrojado, Environmental Science and Geography
  • Claire Bradley, Environmental Studies and Geography
  • Lauryn Fairley, Anthropology and Biology
  • Karina Goco, Public Policy and Environmental Studies
  • Lucy Gray, Statistics and Analytics
  • Elijah Gullett, Public Policy
  • Sascha Medina, M.A., Environment and Science Communication
  • Taylor Fitzgerald, M.A., Environment and Science Communication
  • Dylan Morgan, Environmental Science
  • Georgia Morgan, Public Policy
  • Mykel Yancey, Biology
  • Zoe Wadge, J.D.
  • Brooke Bauman, Environmental Science
  • Caroline Patterson, Public Policy and Environmental Science
  • Mandy Pitz, Environmental Science
  • Hope Thomson, M.P.H., Environmental Health Solutions
  • Cassidy Harding, Environmental Science, MSIS in Environmental Informatics (2021)
  • Elizabeth Kendrick, Environmental Studies and Public Policy
  • Mary Claire McCarthy, Environmental Studies, M.A. in Environment and Science Communication (2021)
  • Bailey McNeill, Environmental Studies
  • Scarlett VanDyke, Environmental Studies and Italian Language
  • Joseph Womble, Environmental Studies and Public Policy
  • Olivia Petrocella, Environmental Studies
  • Cory Cook, M.P.H., Environmental Health Engineering
  • Kasia Grzbyk, Ph.D., Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Spring 2020 Interns
The 2020 spring semester Collaboratory interns had the opportunity to attend the UNC Clean Tech Summit and learn about the Collaboratory research projects related to aquaculture, energy storage, and flood resiliency. Pictured left to right are: Elizabeth Kendrick, Bailey McNeill, Scarlett VanDyke, Caroline Patterson, and Joseph Womble. (photo credit: Emily Williams)
Fall 2019 Interns
The 2019 fall semester Collaboratory interns had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their work at the UNC Board of Trustees meeting on September 26, 2019. Pictured left to right are: Mary Claire McCarthy, Cassidy Harding, Olivia Petrocella, Bailey McNeill, Joseph Womble, Brooke Bauman, and Cory Cook. (photo credit: Jon Gardiner)
  • Kelly Cuthbertson, Economics
  • Erin Danford, Environmental Science, M.S. in Environmental Governance (2021)
  • Morgan Johnson, Strategic Communication

Alumni Features

Kasia Grzebyk
Connecting Science and Policy: Catching Up with Dr. Kasia Grzebyk, the Collaboratory’s First Graduate Research Assistant

March 21, 2023

With a far-reaching line of training behind her, Dr. Kasia Grzebyk has developed her extensive skill set through near and wide experiences.

Ally Adams
4,000 Miles Away, Collaboratory Alumna Brings Experience to Peace Corps in Africa

February 28, 2023

Former Collaboratory intern Ally Adams is now a health volunteer for the Peace Corps. She is stationed in the Tumani Tenda village in The Gambia, Africa.

Sarah Padyk
Pursuing Passions Through Carolina’s Environment and Science Communication Dual Degree Program

February 1, 2023

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student and Collaboratory communications intern Sarah Padyk writes about the value of science communication opportunities afforded to her during her time at Carolina.